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When trying to execute the MDX Toolkit v10.x in a Mac OS X Virtual Machine you might be left with empty dialogue boxes:

mdx_toolkit_1  mdx_toolkit_2

This is due to the MDX Toolkit not running in a virtualized Mac OS X environment, thus having to revert to Command Line Wrapping.

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As I'm always thankful for any tool that might come in handy during troubleshooting sessions I thought that this might be interesting for you NetScaler/XenMobile guys as well. Just recently I stumbled upon this neat little article: CTX141060 - Citrix Cerebro - XenMobile Troubleshooting Tool and the tool it provides: Citrix Cerebro (what kind of name is that actually?):


This quite comprehensive article explains the tool's core functionality pretty well, so there's not much to add right now. Therefore I simply share my experience here while using this tool in order to troubleshoot some XenMobile issues I had just recently: Access to your company network is not currently available while setting up WorxMail.

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During implementing quite some XenMobile 10.x solutions in the last couple of months I came across some issues that caused quite some headaches. Therefore I'd like to document and share my lessons learned in this new blog.

As all my implementations were with existing NetScaler 10.x configurations already in place, I was not able to follow all those XenMobile 10.x installation and configuration guides out there by the book. All of those blogs and guides have one thing in common: they assume your start from scratch with both XenMobile 10.x and NetScaler 10.x and thus miss the point in merging XenMobile 10.x requirements with NetScaler 10.x, i.e. adding all those nasty MDM/MAM LB VIPs, DNS records, firewall rules, certificates, Session Policies and Profiles, et al.

I'm trying to shed some light on how to add a new XenMobile 10.x installation to an already existing NetScaler Gateway configuration.

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After upgrading my existing and fully functional NetScaler v10.5 Build 57.7 to the latest v11.0 Build 55.23 and implementing Unified Gateway for XenMobile and XenDesktop, my users were unable to SAML authenticate with ShareFile, i.e.

  • by using their MDX wrapped ShareFile app on iOS devices and locking it into an endless authentication loop without any errors:


  • by using their ShareFile Outlook Plugin in order to send Download and/or Upload links as they received an error stating Authentication Error - http/1.1 Service Unavailable while trying to utilize the Browser Login included with the ShareFile Outlook Plugin Configuration Wizard:


  • by authenticating to our company's custom ShareFile SAML Login page via Browser:


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When launching WorxMail from your iOS device and running the initial configuration you might receive the following error after having entered your credentials and clicking Sign On: Access to your company network is not currently available:


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While launching WorxHome on your iOS device and after entering your logon credentials you might receive the following error: Error - Please check your credentials. You may have mistyped them, though you made sure there's no typo whatsoever, i.e. samAccountName or userPrincipalName, and your password have been entered correctly:


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